Monthly News from Createful Studio: July

Monthly News from Createful Studio: July


In July, Art Fix classes will be held each Tuesday with two times to choose from: 2:00-5:00 OR 5:30-8:30pm. There is also a Saturday Art Fix class on July 7, 10:30am-1:30pm. We will not be offering Art Fix classes on Thursdays.

Since July 4th often turns into a week festivities for most, it will be Member's Only create time on July 3rd for anyone in town. 


Monthly News from Createful Studio: June

Monthly News from Createful Studio: June

It's been a super fun art-making month so far. May began with "Midori-style" art journals, which are travel sized journals made up of multiple "booklet" journals in an elastic spine.  Intuitive Creating was another great class as we gave our intuition the lead and this week we will be experimenting with gold foil techniques. 

If you missed these classes, never fear. June is just around the corner. You'll find the class line-up below.  

Monthly News from Createful Studio

Monthly News from Createful Studio

It's been a month of a little change at the studio, but I'm happy to report that our transition from Meetup to our studio website for all class registrations is complete.  As with all change, there was a bit of a learning curve (both for me and everyone else!) but the glitches are unglitched and once people register a few times they discover it IS better than Meetup. I share a few tips below for maximum ease (including Meetup-reduced email inboxes) below.


We have a great line-up of classes next month—as you might know, you have several date and time options for each class over the week (usually Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoons, Thursday evenings as well as some Saturdays):

Handmade Midori-style Art Journal - May 1-5

Handmade Midori-style Art Journal  continued - May 8-10

Intuitive Creating - May 15 - 19

Experimenting with Gold Leafing May 22-24



Dear Createful community,

We have two pieces of super great news.

First, I am over-the-top-beside-myself-excited  to let you know that we have completely changed our class registration system—and our website.

You guys, it’s going to be SOOOO much easier for you to register for classes now then it was on Meetup.

You can now purchase and register for any Art Fix class or other Createful event in one place—on our fully updated and newly designed website.

Simply go to the Createful Studio website and scroll down to Art Fix Classes or Open Studio and then click on the button where you will find current class listings.  Or go to the Calendar. You can register right off the calendar too.

Because Meetup was NOT easy—for you or for me.


February Compendium

February Compendium

Art Fix: Not your ordinary Art class

We don't have expectations...judgements...or any prerequisites.  We're all in this creative space together.

We create together mostly because it's fun. (We dare you to spread, spatter, rub, smear, and/or pounce all the art supplies with a frown on your face!)

We create also because of the creative magic. The surprises, the insights, the aha moments.

The times we see just what our creatives selves really can do. 

We create together because over time friendships take hold and our own sense of self expands.

And life, my friends, becomes rich in creative potential.

Studio Calendar


January Compendium

January Compendium

This is our monthly e-newsletter where I catch you up on what we’re doing at Createful Studio—and what's coming up next.

CONTENTS—scroll down to see:

SPECIAL EVENT: Creativity Webinar JANUARY 29TH!

NEW STUDIO CALENDAR: Art Fix Classes and Open Studio Dates

ANNOUNCEMENTS and More Fun Things

I have so much to share with you this month! Please take a moment—maybe grab a beverage of choice—and scroll through this newsletter...I hope you'll be inspired to JOIN US in any number of ways listed below: