January Compendium

This is our monthly e-newsletter where I catch you up on what we’re doing at Createful Studio—and what's coming up next.

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SPECIAL EVENT: Creativity Webinar JANUARY 29TH!

NEW STUDIO CALENDAR: Art Fix Classes and Open Studio Dates

ANNOUNCEMENTS and More Fun Things

I have so much to share with you this month! Please take a moment—maybe grab a beverage of choice—and scroll through this newsletter...I hope you'll be inspired to JOIN US in any number of ways listed below:



When: Monday, January 29th.

7pm - 8.30pm Pacific Time.

Fee: $30.00


I’ve got some exciting news. I’ve invited Creativity Coach, Fiona Moore, to hold a webinar for us and you're invited!

A webinar is like an online conference call via computer. We’ll be able to share our screens so it’ll be like being in the studio—only you’ll be in the comfort of your own home!

This is what we’ll be up to: 

Do you ever think that you’re just not cut out to be creative. Or that some people are creative but that person is not you? Or do you feel that your creative impulse is unreliable and disappears when you most want it?

Honestly, me too. I have days when I think these thoughts, although I don’t listen to them now. But what if every human being is naturally creative?  What if you couldn’t stop your creative impulse even if you tried? What if being creative is like breathing — it’s what brings us fully alive?

I’ve invited Fiona along because I know from personal experience how she really get’s what creativity is all about. She’ll pop the myths about creativity and offer powerful insights to help us get in touch with our innate creative nature.  

We’ll dive into:

•  Where the creative impulse comes from

•  Why you don’t need to worry or stress about being creative or not

•  How to unblock feeling stuck

Participating is easy—all you need is a computer or a tablet. After you RSVP we will send you a link by email and then all you have to do is click on it to join the webinar from your computer.

You'll have a chance to listen, ask questions and share insights. AND IF YOU COME TO ART FIX CLASS THAT WEEK, WE WILL EXPLORE THE IDEAS IN OUR ART!

Join us. It’s going to be fun. 

To RSVP, register and pay on our meetup site 

(Free meetup account required—if you're new to meetup, learn more here.)

NEW Studio Calendar


We now offer THREE to FOUR Art Fix classes each week:

  • Tuesday night, 5:30-8:30pm
  • Thursday afternoon, 12:30-3:30pm
  • Thursday night, 6:00-9:00pm
  • the FIRST and THIRD Saturday each month, 1:30-4:30pm

In addition, you can also come in to Open Studio on scheduled Sundays (normally two per month).

Register on our meetup site.

Free meetup account required (if you're new to meetup, learn more here.) Also, scroll down for more registration details.

More Fun Things

A couple of announcements:


FIRST:  I invite you to post your artwork online for all of us to see it!

How? On Instagram! 

Simply add the hashtag #createfulartfix to each photo you upload of artwork you made at the studio—or were inspired to make on your own.

 Wha la! As we all add #createfulartfix photos, our gallery will grow and grow and we will get to share our work with each other!

But Denise—I don't know how to use Instagram!


If you're new to Instagram, I will show you how to use to it.  Please come 15 minutes early to class this week or next for quick "Instagram" clinics. It literally will take you 15 minutes to get going. Please arrive with your Instagram app already downloaded from the App store on your phone. I can help you set up your free account and show you the FIVE simple menu items—and you'll be on your way!

Over time you can create a scrolling gallery of your photographs for others to see and you will keep in touch with your friend via photos, too. Super easy. Super low time commitment. Not like Facebook (bonus!)

SECOND: All Call for Artwork for the Studio Walls!

I'm taking down much of the art that's up—and adding all new work from the Createful Community. Won't that be fun to see?

THIS WEEK; PLEASE bring in one-two pieces of artwork you made (at the studio or on your own) to put up on our walls. I will add your name card by each piece and of course this is just for display for some months, at which time you will take it back home.

FINALLY: On the Blog

I took a nice long hiatus in December from all sharing online, but before I left I did share two key pieces on the blog. If you didn't catch them, here they are:

How to set up for a creative life


A look back at the art created in Art Fix classes in 2017

I'll be getting back to blogging and sharing on Instagram (and Facebook and Pinterest) soon, which will include my new creative series, Diary of An Art Journal. (You'll find the latest installments in this  zany idea of a series here.)

If my blog sounds useful, entertaining or inspiring (my goal!) follow along as I send it out! Subscribe via email or RSS on the blog (see Sidebar).



You can come to any Art Fix class any day of the week, any week, as long as seats are available (RSVP on our meetup site—see below).

Tuesday and Thursday Art Fix classes are scheduled every week unless otherwise announced here and on Meetup.

Art Fix Saturday and Open Studio dates are scheduled several months in advance.

Keep up with Createful Studio on our website Calendar.

About Art Fix Classes

Come as little or as often as you'd like. Art Fix classes feature a different fun mixed media projects every week NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY AND ALL EXPERIENCE WELCOME!

RSVP on our meetup page.

Purchase your Art Fix Class Pass on our website. 

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Your first TWO Art Fix classes for the price of ONE! See our website for details.


Denise Herman

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On the blog and in the studio, I share my art journaling and mixed media obsessions—and my creative life.