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It's been a month of a little change at the studio, but I'm happy to report that our transition from Meetup to our studio website for all class registrations is complete.  As with all change, there was a bit of a learning curve (both for me and everyone else!) but the glitches are unglitched and once people register a few times they discover it IS better than Meetup. I share a few tips below for maximum ease (including Meetup-reduced email inboxes) below.


We have a great line-up of Art Fix mixed media classes next month—as you might know, you have several date and time options for each class over the week (usually Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoons, Thursday evenings as well as some Saturdays):

Handmade Midori-style Art Journal - May 1-5

Handmade Midori-style Art Journal  continued - May 8-10

Intuitive Creating - May 15 - 19

Experimenting with Gold Leafing May 22-24

Member's Evenings May 29-31

ALSO, there are still a few seats left for next week's Art Fix class:

Miniature Accordion Books

To learn more about each class and to register for the date and time you want to attend, please hop on over to the 'Get Your Art Fix' class registration page and sign up now. 

Open Studio

Sunday, April 29th 

Sunday, May 20th

Sign up directly from our Calendar. Just click on the date and hit "Register".

Five Tips for Easy Art making at the Studio

With the change in the registration system, I discovered ways to make a lot of things easier, studio-wise, which I'd like to pass on to you.

#1 TIP: Put Createful Studio on your phone home screen

Yep, you can make the Createful Studio website an icon on your screen and never have to enter the url again. Then, all you have to do is click on the icon, click on the "Register" button, and then click on the class tickets button.

Ask me in the studio to show you how to put the studio web page on your phone home screen (or google 'home screen icons'--it works for any web page).

#2 TIP: Check the supplies list for each class with ease

Most supplies are supplied in our fully stocked studio so you don't have to worry about bringing loads of art supplies, but for each class you need a few things specific to the project. Check quickly and easily right on the Art Fix Class Registration page, where I added a big "Jump to Class Supplies Lists" button at the top.

Note: If you  have the Get Your Art Fix class registration page on your home screen (Tip #1), it's a super snap!

#3 TIP: Get Meetup out of your Inbox—Leave our Meetup group

One of the (many) problems with Meetup is that you can get inundated with email notifications if you're not careful. You can go into your Meetup Settings (for each meetup group you have joined) and reduce/remove notifications.

For the Createful Mixed Media Explorers Meetup group, however, I am recommending that you LEAVE OUR GROUP. 

Createful Studio will remain on Meetup for new people to find us—but no one can register there now. So since you know about us, you can subscribe to this e-newsletter (see Tip #5) and go directly to our website to keep in touch.

To leave a group on meetup, go to the group page, click on the "You're a Member" drop down menu and select "Leave group".

#4 TIP: If you're new to the studio, ignore "New Situation" Fear and come anyway!

We know it's a little nerve-racking to sign up and come to a class you've never been to before. Especially if you come alone. Especially if mixed media art-making is new to you. But please come anyway! Our classes are small and everyone sitting around the table was new here once, too.

You'll feel at ease in no time, and if something inside is telling you "I want to do this," then truly, you should. Soon, you'll be here with friends and it won't take much time before you become an experienced mixed-media art maker.

And also, please call or email me ahead of time to ask any questions. Contact info is on the website.

#5 TIP: Subscribe AND READ this Monthly E-Newsletter

See how clever I'm getting this last tip in? But seriously...You can expect just one E-Newsletter from Createful Studio each month. Please take a few minutes to open and read it. 

I'll announce upcoming classes for the next month and sometimes—briefly—I'll offer some other useful news and information you can use. 

If you're getting this E-News in your Email Inbox, you're subscribed. Thank you!  If you're reading this notice on our website, please subscribe. You'll find a big "Subscribe" box at the bottom of the website.


So that’s it, folks. See our classes and events and learn all you need to know about the studio at  And always feel free to contact me with any questions.

Happy arting in the month of May!



Denise Herman

Createful Studio, Irwin Road, , NY,

I share my sketching books and art journals, various mixed media obsessions—and my creative life.